Konica Minolta Announces Three New MFDs

2013-04-30 15:17:55

Published on 2013-04-30 15:17:55
Printing technology has grown markedly over the last ten years, with a range of new devices being brought into the market.

Gone are the days when consumers could only choose between colour and black inkjet machines, as individuals can now take their pick from a variety of exceptional tools, which cater for a number of different businesses and consumers.

Rather than buy scanners, printers and photocopiers separately, consumers can now enjoy all of these machines in one package, enabling them to save space in their homes and workplaces.

However, with so many different models available, customers could find it hard to select a model that truly suits their needs.

With this in mind, exploring the market is key. After a quick browse, customers may believe they have found the ideal machine, but aspects such as running costs could mean that such a model will be costly to own in the long run.

Once they decide on a model, consumers will need to ensure they spend money wisely when it comes to printer use and ink, as cash can quickly be used up if they do not monitor their spending.

Colour ink can be particularly expensive, while those who print out photos wil find themselves quickly using going through photo paper.

To help manage their finances, consumers should organise a strict budget, which will keep their finances in order and reduce monetary pressure at a time when living costs are soaring.

Brands such as HP, Xerox and Canon all have fantastic models that could prove invaluable to consumers and businesses, but it is important not to rush any purchasing decisions.

Along with the aforementioned companies is Konica Minolta, which has unveiled three new colour multifunctional printers in a bid to boost its success in the ink market.

The bizhub C224e, C284e and C364e machines offer increased efficiency for consumers, while a range of new functions provide ways for services to be customised to the individual needs of customers.

The systems boast an intuitive multi-touch operation, meaning that users will not require device training. As well as this, the MFD Touch Panel offered with the device will be similar to that used in smartphones and tablets.

Such technology will make it easier for users to work more productively, while helping them to be more comfortable in a professional environment.

A further advantage of the machines is the panel construction, which allows users to have easy and fast access to all the functions they require.

Even though there is a wide range of MFD features, a panel displaying just the required capabilities can be developed, giving users quicker access to functionalities that are most commonly used.

As a result of this, users will be able to access the functionalities they require in faster speed, increasing the efficiency of workflows.

The hardware used in the systems is also vastly superior to what has been seen in past models, with the systems requiring less power than previous machines, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Another bonus of the machines is that energy consumption during sleep mode has been significantly decreased, and the environmentally-friendly characteristics mean that consumers can take advantage of a lower carbon footprint.

Bernard Cassidy, market development manager at Konica Minolta Business Solutions UK Ltd, said: “With the launch of the new bizhub C224e, C284e and C364e we have improved our market-leading devices once again. Boasting ease of use, clever features, outstanding ecological performance and customisation possibilities targeted to customer needs make the systems ideal for  improving the productivity of workday life.”

Intuitive functions mean the new machines can be highly useful for medium to large-sized organisations, work groups or departments.

The models boast an enhanced scan function that enables scanned documents to be converted directly into Word or Excel, boosting efficiency and saving time for workers and consumers alike.

Posted by Barry Ashmore.
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