Lexmarks C736DN Is Surprisingly Discreet

2009-10-13 09:06:39

Published on 2009-10-13 09:06:39

Posted by Jim Ottewill

The new Lexmark C736dn has been described as "surprisingly discreet" in a new review.

Writing for Register Hardware, Simon Williams said that the printing costs are reasonable for a machine of its size.

The price of ink equates to 1.15 pence for black ink per page of and 8.42 pence for colour.

Mr Williams praised the quality of the printed text although the actual speed recorded during the review are not as fast the the headline rates advertised.

According to the reviewer, the Lexmark demonstrated a printing speed of 15.8 page per minute (ppm), which was less than half the quoted speed.

Using the C736dn to print a 20-page document increased the speed, but to 25.5 ppm and not the 33 ppm advertised.

He stated: "This is a robust, workgroup workhorse, with plenty of room for expansion. It's fast, even in duplex mode, and the print quality is more than adequate for general business use.

"PIN-protected, walk-up printing is a useful bonus and the machine is widely compatible with a range of operating systems, but maintenance is more fiddly than it should."

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