Survey Shows Office Workers Embarrassed About Their Fax Machines

2011-02-09 08:39:59

Published on 2011-02-09 08:39:59

Toner cartridges maker Lexmark's survey of 450 European home and office workers reveals that a fondness for fax machines and printers is being overtaken by a penchant for desktop computers and laptops.

Of those surveyed about office equipment style and design, 72 per cent said they considered the "most stylish" piece of equipment on their desk to be their computer.

Older office devices haven't quite stood the test of time, with faxes and printers chosen as the least stylish.

One in four even admitted they would hide their fax from other people, embarrassed by its size or outmoded design.

And when it comes to design, two-fifths of office workers prefer black-coloured equipment, followed by 25 per cent who would opt for white.

Two thirds said they would pay more for equipment if it looked sleek and stylish.

"We're entering a new era of style on the desktop where sleek looks and design meet advanced technology," said Steve Purdy, country general manager at Lexmark UK.

Lexmark recently released its Genesis printer, heralded as a major new device for the printer market.

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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