Lexmark Settles With Firms Over Toner Cartridges Patents

2011-02-11 09:02:42

Published on 2011-02-11 09:02:42

Lexmark has reached settlements with ten of the 24 US firms it sued over alleged patent violations of replacement toner cartridges.

The firm had claimed that the manufacture, importation and sale by the relevant companies for various devices infringed its patent rights.

Financial terms of the settlements have not been disclosed.

The 'Settling Parties' are: Alpha Image Tech, E-Toner Mart Inc, Nano Pacific Corp, Ninestar Image Co, Ninestar Image International Ltd, Ninestar Technology Co, Print-Rite Holdings Ltd, Seine Image International Co, Union Technology International (M.C.O.) Co and Ziprint Image Corp.

"While the Settling Parties did not admit any wrongdoing, they have confirmed their ongoing commitment to respect intellectual property rights by resolving the litigation amicably," Lexmark said in a statement.

Lexmark's 2010 sales were driven by sales of its laser printers, the firm said when it posted its financial results recently. The firm made more than half a billion dollars in net cash, with more than $150 million (£92.5 million) generated in the last three months of the year.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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