Small Workgroups Should Consider Lexmark C540N

2009-11-30 09:49:08

Published on 2009-11-30 09:49:08

The Lexmark C540n has been praised by PCPro for being the best printer for small workgroups that it has seen.

This is thanks to its relatively cheap price (£200 before VAT), the fact that it's quick and gives excellent quality, and because it's network capable.

Commenting on the quality of printer ink, the review stated: "Text looked elegant and it was superb when printing business documents.

"Colours appeared as they should and text on a coloured background - always tricky for cheap laser printers - looked great."

Appealing to workgroups is the C540n's high paper capacity, while sheets run through the printer's interior only once thanks to its single-pass engine. This applies to both colour and black and white pages.

C540n ink cartridges were praised for producing "decent quality", while business documents looked "superb".

Despite the C540n being a budget laser printer, printer ink colours appeared "as they should", as did text on a coloured background.

Last month, Lexmark announced that it had signed a new print services deal global home improvement business Kingfisher.

Posted by Giles Franklin.

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