Lexmark Wins Environmental Certification

2009-12-01 10:42:11

Published on 2009-12-01 10:42:11

Several products from Lexmark have been awarded the Blue-Angel eco-label marking them out as exceptionally environmentally friendly products.

Lexmark was given 11 of the awards for its X65x series of office equipment.

To receive the award, a product must exhibit low power consumption as well as low levels of chemical and acoustic emissions.

They must also be recyclable, and the manufacturers themselves must operate their own recycling scheme for printers, ink and toner.

Beatrice Marneffe, director of sustainable and government affairs at Lexmark, said that "Lexmark now has more [Blue-Angel] awards than any other company in the printing industry".

She added: "As well as great recognition, the Blue Angel award will have a positive effect on our future product development. Now, we can take the Blue Angel criteria into account while developing new products, to ensure they maintain an eco-friendly standard for the future."

Lexmark recently had its products tested and certified by the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification, a move it considers to have added to its success.

Posted by Giles Franklin

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