Lexmarks S405 Four In One Ink Cartridges Printer Launched In India

2010-01-19 08:46:26

Published on 2010-01-19 08:46:26

The innovative Lexmark Interpret S405 printer and scanner has been launched in India, it has been announced.

The 'four-in-one' device, which offers users state-of-the-art printing, as well as copying, scanning and faxing technology, is being launched on the country's lucrative market by Cyberstar Infocom.

In addition to its innovative technology, it is hoped that Indian consumers will be won over by the printer ink efficiency of the wireless device, with Lexmark offering optional XL replacement printer ink cartridges at a discounted rate to customers buying the S405.

Cyberstar managing director Raj Rathi said: "Interpret S405 is the latest offering from Lexmark to the world of wireless.

"We are confident about this product and its promise to the home office segment."

Making use of Lexmark's Vizix ink technology, the new printer is able to print 33 pages per minute in black and white mode, and 30 pages per minute in colour mode, while also printing off four-inch by six-inch digital photos in as little as 24 second.

As well as being a Wi-Fi inkjet printer pioneer, Lexmark was the first company to launch printers boasting web-enabled touchscreen technology.

By Angelina Jolessi.

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