Tips to dealing with common Lexmark printer errors

2010-01-31 14:30:22

Published on 2010-01-31 14:30:22

A printer and ink cartridge information site has offered users tips on dealing with common problems encountered with Lexmark products.

A printer and ink cartridge blog has said that many of the major problems encountered by Lexmark printer users centre around the units' paper trays.

The "frustrating" system that the company utilises for displaying problems with its printers can prove confusing to many users, said the PrinterInkCartridge blog.

However, many of the common error codes experienced when attempting to print on Lexmark ink cartridge machines can indicate paper loading error, paper jam and individual feed errors, it was revealed.

Error codes 22, 23, 24, 31, 35 and 36 all allude to this and much of the time can be fixed by checking the paper tray.

When doing this, users are advised to also check the size of the paper loaded into the machine, as sometimes this itself can cause problems when attempting to print.

"The real issue here is to attack the problem directly. If you need to change the paper, you should check on the size of the paper that you have loaded and the one that is set in your printer dialogue box," the blog said.

By Elaine Richards

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