Consumers printing habits revealed

2010-02-18 19:16:46

Published on 2010-02-18 19:16:46

Consumers' printing habits revealed

A study has revealed the ink usage and printing habits of both home users and businesses.

Conducted by global printer and ink cartridge manufacturer Lexmark, the study revealed which types of ink are most used for both consumer and business printing needs.

According to the data compiled, professional printer users tended to print mostly but not exclusively with black ink.

In the office, it was found that 11 per cent of consumers only ever used black ink, while 40 per cent said that they mostly used colour ink cartridges for their printing needs.

However, home users were found to be more diverse, with 43 per cent printing mostly in black and just over one-third printing mostly in colour.

In addition, home users were found to use more diverse inks than professional users, with a full one per cent of private consumers utilising only coloured ink for their printing needs.

By Angelina Jolessi

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