Lexmark Conduct Survey Of Printer Usage

2010-04-07 16:35:33

Published on 2010-04-07 16:35:33

Lexmark have released a new study detailing the printing habits of European professionals and home users. Conducted on the ink cartridge manufacturer’s behalf by market research company Information Resources, Inc (ICI) the study reveals that 58% of Europeans print mostly in black. Further, 74% of Europeans print between 0-30 pages weekly.


The study offers assurance for people concerned their printing habits are abnormal. For example, 1% of recipients in the 5 European nations surveyed print entirely in colour. This 1 percentile may feel their colour cartridge habits make them unique. Alternately, they may choose to match the printing habits of most Europeans by replacing their colour cartridges with black cartridges.Lexmark also reveals that 38% of professionals at work print more than 100 pages weekly. Other white collar Europeans may be concerned this makes them appear less productive than their print-happy colleagues, and print more frequently. 2% of white collar Europeans at work print less than 10 pages weekly. These people may find themselves compensating for their statistical inadequacy by printing documents several times.


By Peter Lavelle

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