Strong Printer Sales Likely To Trigger Rise In Ink Cartridge Demand

2010-05-18 16:21:29

Published on 2010-05-18 16:21:29

Demand for printer ink and toner cartridges looks set to rise as technology sector observers predict an upturn in the printer manufacturing industry.

While sales of inkjet and laser printers have eased over the past couple of years as a result of the global economic downturn, newly-compiled figures suggest that this trend is set to be reversed over the remainder of 2010.

According to the statistics, which were compiled by the market analyst Context and which have been cited by the website Channel Web, sales of printers in the UK alone were up by 10.2 per cent in March when compared to the same month in 2009, while sales in Germany and The Netherlands were seen to soar by 19.1 per cent and 21.4 per cent respectively.

Commenting, Context co-founder Jeremy Davies was quoted as explaining that multifunction printers (MFPs) are leading the growth in sales.

"Inkjet MFPs showed a growth of 15.9 per cent in March year-on-year, while laser MFPs grew by 16.5 per cent in the same period," he said.

Meanwhile, demand for ink cartridges for Lexmark machines is also set to rise as the company posted a 61 per cent rise in first-quarter profits.

Written by Jamie Foster

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