Cleaning Cycles Could Run Down Coloured Ink Cartridges

2010-06-21 15:55:44

Published on 2010-06-21 15:55:44

Individuals have been warned that failing to use their printer on a regular basis may see some of their coloured ink wasted on ensuring that the device still works appropriately.

Answering reader questions for the Daily Telegraph, technical doctor Rick Maybury highlights that individuals are not always being conned when they find their ink cartridges running empty sooner than expected.

He notes that coloured ink could be used in numerous ways, even though the person printing may be getting hard copies of virtually all of their documents in black and white.

Mr Maybury explained: "Even though you are not printing in colour some inkjets add a dash of colour to produce deeper blacks but the biggest drain on capacity is cleaning cycles.

"When a ink cartridge hasn't been used for some time small amounts of ink are expelled to prevent the print heads drying out and clogging."

He added that users should also avoid opening any packaging seals ahead of when they actually need an ink cartridge, as some of the ink is lost through evaporation, giving them a "finite operating life" once installed.

A recent report by Lexmark suggested that businesses could take a more efficient approach to printing if choosing to only use coloured printer ink.

By Barry Ashmore

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