Lexmark Says Wireless Printing Ignored By European Firms

2010-12-02 09:10:13

Published on 2010-12-02 09:10:13

European firms are ignoring the potentials of wireless printing, Lexmark has said. The firm surveyed 388 home and office workers across eight European countries, including the UK, in September this year.While most European office workers do have access to wireless technology in the workplace, not enough are getting the best out of it. Some seven out of ten staff have the technology in the home or at the office, but half still use the standard cable to link devices to their printers.The main reasons for this were cited as lack of knowledge and concerns over flaws in the security of wireless. Some 29 per cent think it is difficult to set up a wireless printer, while 19 per cent voiced concerns about unsecured connections.


A small amount - six per cent - said they avoided wireless technology because they didn't want to share their printer with colleagues!"Companies are missing out on the financial and environmental benefits that wireless printing can bring," said Steve Purdy, general manager at Lexmark UK. "By implementing such technology, many companies are able to financially rationalise the hardware they require by linking additional users to each printer more easily than before," he said.Recently, Apple launched Airprint, a wireless printing feature for smartphones.


Posted by Jason Nicholls.

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