Lexmark 100 and 100XL Compatibles Ink Cartridges

2011-01-07 16:17:36

Published on 2011-01-07 16:17:36

With the VAT rise customers are being urged to look at the alternative compatible ink cartridges. Internet ink has a wide range of ink cartridges covering brands such as Epson , HP , Lexmark and Dell with others available.

New VAT increases has seen the cost of raw materials sky rocket to make ink and the cartridges, which has in turn seen prices of the original ink increase.

The Lexmark 100 and 100XL accompanied by the 105XL and 108XL are available at internet-ink in the original and compatible cartridges.

With new printers and ink cartridges been added everyday and highly competitive prices Internet ink offer a further 10% discount to returning customers saving more money on their ink cartridges.

Jon Stockes

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