Lexmark Genesis Coolest Device Since The MacBook

2011-01-21 08:50:56

Published on 2011-01-21 08:50:56

Lexmark's all-in-one inkjet, Genesis, is worth more than its weight in gold, it has been claimed. The firm launched the printer for the UK market this week, priced at £399.

Reviewing the much-vaunted machine, the Daily Telegraph's Techbyte section praised the Genesis, saying its price is justified by its impressive capability, not just its stylish design.

The machine, which uses single ink cartridges to speed up printing jobs, trumps recent business devices like the MacBook air, the review says.

Genesis has a unique selling point: it stands vertically. This means when you want to feed paper in, you simply need to lift the loading case forwards, making it easier to do complicated scanning and printing jobs.

Also, Lexmark's "document to digital" claim – that users can scan documents in about three seconds – is quite correct, the review says. And its ink cartridge facility means you will find the Genesis cheaper to run than some other printers on the market.

"Individual colour and black ink tanks, combined with well-priced refill cartridges mean the Lexmark Genesis is economical to run. It has automatic two-sided printing options to save you paper, too," the review said.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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