Lexmark Firmware Update Warning On Compatible Cartridges

2011-02-01 16:01:31

Published on 2011-02-01 16:01:31

 It is understood Lexmark have released a firmware update for printers to prevent the use of compatible cartridges in the printer. This update does not apply to older versions of the Lexmark printers, however all new printers in the new Lexmark range come with preloaded updates.

The printers involved include the:

Lexmark Platinum Pro 905
Lexmark Prestige Pro 805
Lexmark Prospect Pro 205
Lexmark Prevail Pro 705
Lexmark Interpret S405
Lexmark Interact S605
Lexmark Intuition S505
Lexmark Impact S305
Lexmark Impact S308
Lexmark Interpret S408
Lexmark Intuition S508

Customers are advised to test their compatible inks and should not accept the update on the printer in order to use the compatible cartridges.

1. Uninstall the printer drivers/software for the machine in question.
2. Re-install the printer driver/software with disconnected internet connection and ignore the prompt when the upgrade is offered again.

If this action doesn't work then please don't hesitiate to contact our customer service department.

John Simmons

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