Guide To Recognising Common Printer Ink Problems

2009-11-13 08:42:59

Published on 2009-11-13 08:42:59

 An industry expert has released a series of tops on how to deal with common printing issues.

Problems noted by and PCworld writer Robert Ellis include lighter prints, white lines or jagged vertical lines being found on the paper - often down to a clogged print head, which can be fixed by cleaning the component.

Mr Ellis also advised: "Occasionally, your images may look as if they've been printed on very fine sandpaper - referred to as 'puddling'. This problem often occurs when you select the wrong paper settings in the print dialog box or use a paper that isn't designed for your printer."

He added that "it's particularly common with glossy paper".

Choosing the wrong resolution can also cause problems to the end result such as bands of heavy ink appearing across a page.

Users are also advised to change ink cartridges every six months as colour quality can suffer from old units being used, especially with black ink cartridges as they are essential to colour shading.

Posted by Angelina Jolessi

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