Heavy Snowfall Impacts On Printers

2010-01-08 09:58:16

Published on 2010-01-08 09:58:16

Printers are being hugely impacted by this weeks torrential snow storms, according to reports.

It is thought that, with more people unable to make it to work due to transport closures and adverse weather conditions, personal printers, scanners and fax machines are bearing the brunt of the sudden need for flexible working locations.

Several printing companies are also reporting severe problems due to the weather.

Inverness-based Piccolo Press told industry news source Printweek that the snow was affecting their operations.

The company said: "Due to the extreme current weather conditions, Piccolo Press has had flooding in its workshop and will not be fully operational until the situation is fixed.

"This will inevitably cause delays to printing orders, but we will keep you informed of progress and do our best to give you an honest appraisal of any delays that may occur."

According to the Met Office, the snow is set to continue throughout the week.

By Angelina Jolessi.

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