Oki Printers Supported By 3 Year Warranty

2013-05-23 16:52:09

Published on 2013-05-23 16:52:09

Oki has announced a three-year extended warranty for its full range of colour, mono and multi-faceted printers.

The registration of every new printer now leads to an extension of the standard one year warranty, providing consumers with one of the industry’s leading warranty programmes.

Speaking to Comworth, Oki product manager Paul Francois said: "Oki has long claimed that its single-pass digital LED technology delivers reliability which cannot be matched by any other print method.

"That reliability is proven in the field and now, by extending the warranty on all registered product, Oki is standing by that claim in a tangible way."

Mr Francois added that Oki machines provide a single, flat path through a device, resulting in fewer paper jams and faster speeds.

He also noted that LED printheads allow a better image for printouts.

Before committing to a particular model, consumers should consider the running costs of devices and their warranty, as doing so will allow them to narrow down choices until they find a machine for their needs.

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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