Professional Grade Inkjet Paper Launched

2009-12-04 09:29:38

Published on 2009-12-04 09:29:38

Photo paper developer Ilford has launched the newest member of its Galerie line, with a paper ideal for black-and-white pictures.

The Gold Fibre Silk is a traditional baryta paper (made from barium sulphate), which allows it to better hold emulsion as the chemical components are often used as a whitener, according to

While the paper is ideal for black and white prints, it is capable of displaying colour as well, meaning that sepia and selenium-toned pictures are available through the use of digital toning and colouring techniques.

It also means that prints can be given a vintage hand-coloured look.

The Gold Fibre Silk papers offer photographic-gallery standard prints for the first time on home computer printing, bringing the fibres of the darkroom to a home printer.

Posted by Giles Franklin.

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