Experiment With Printer Paper Advises Expert

2012-05-01 10:44:57

Published on 2012-05-01 10:44:57

Contrasting results will come from using different quality printer paper, according to an expert.

Rick Maybury, writing for the tech section of the Daily Telegraph, was answering a reader's query after asking if there were any disadvantages to using cheaper paper.

The correspondent said that printer ink users should not be afraid to experiment with the different settings and paper that is available.

Users can choose paper of different thickness, while special photo sheets are available for printing items snapped on a digital camera.

"The point is if you are getting acceptable results on cheap paper then by all means continue to use it. Paper absorbency doesn't have any impact on ink consumption, but it can affect the sharpness of printed characters," he advised.

Mr Maybury went on to say that recycled printer ink cartridges have benefits in being cheaper than brand new versions.

He noted that these models are perfectly suited to machines where the print head is built into the ink cartridge, such as most HP devices.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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