China Cuts Poor Quality Paper Imports

2012-07-19 11:05:57

Published on 2012-07-19 11:05:57

China's CCIC inspection agency is aiming to reduce the amount of low quality paper sent to the country.

The move follows increasing awareness of the poorer material and stricter customs controls on the imports of overseas products, which range from scrap metal and waste paper to live chickens, reports LetsRecycle.

Paul Briggs of Nottinghamshire-based Mark Lyndon, which supplies Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing in China, told the news provider: "We (MLUK) know from our own quality inspections in China that UK mixed from materials recovery facilities is contaminated with other recyclables, far more than any other country we buy from."

Mr Briggs added that Chinese customs inspectors are limiting contamination to a maximum of around one to two per cent.

It is important that businesses make use of the best quality paper available to them, as poor ink printouts could have an impact on how customers view a company, which may influence them to turn to competitors.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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