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2010-04-29 16:53:27

Published on 2010-04-29 16:53:27

Internet-Ink have released and updated the Parker Pen range avalible.  With various ranges including the Parker Duofold, Parker Sonnet that are very high quality and popular pens.

New ranges edited and added to the Internet Ink range include the Parker Premier Pen range and the very affordable and classic syle Parker IM pen range.

Parker pens look good but feel even better. Over the best part of 100 years, other pen makers have entered the market but Parker pens continue to delight as they have for decades.
Handwritten communication is still required of children in schools and quality Parker pens are helping to instil handwriting skills. Adults also love the feel of Parker pens as they handwrite letters, cards, or when signing important contracts. Parker pens whether flowing ink onto the page through a nib or via a rollerball add more than a touch of class.

It is worth taking your time to examine all the exquisitely stylish Parker ballpoint pens on

Steve Turnball

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