Bullet Pen Can Write Underwater

2009-12-31 09:14:13

Published on 2009-12-31 09:14:13

A pen shaped like a bullet has become available for consumer purchase.

However, the pen contains a special ink cartridge which gives it the ability to write seamlessly in such difficult conditions.

The cartridge, which was designed to be used for writing in a zero-gravity environment, can write at absolutely any angle, including upside down.

As well as being shaped like a .375 calibre bullet and made from a real magnum cartridge, the pen also allows users to write seamlessly underwater, should they be able to find apparatus to write on.

The ink in the pen, can also write on surfaces that are covered in grease or oil and is capable of working in extreme temperatures.

Utilising specialised thixotropic ink, the pen can also run for three times as long as pens which use normal ink.

By Giles Franklin

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