Sheaffer Unveils New Ink Pen

2010-04-01 16:45:59

Published on 2010-04-01 16:45:59

Sheaffer Unveils New Pen

Sheaffer, the creator of understated yet lavish writing instruments, has unveiled a new ink cartridge fountain pen that will delight fans of the high-end goods company.

The Legacy Heritage Victorian Series is a beautifully etched Sterling Silver fountain pen created in honour of one of the most prolific artisans of the 19th century, William Morris.

In a statement on the product, Sheaffer said: "The Victorian Era covered the 64-year reign of Queen Victoria from 1837-1901, and many social, political and religious movements flourished during this period. William Morris founded one such movement - the English Arts and Crafts Movement.

"The exquisite and intricately engraved pattern of this edition of the Sheaffer Legacy heritage Victorian Series has been chosen to celebrate Morris's mastership of decorative arts and his contributions to the Victorian aesthetic."

This news comes soon after a Mont Blanc fountain pen engraved with the name of film legend Greta Garbo was stolen as part of a £10,000 robbery near Plymouth.

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