Is It A Pen Is It A Pencil No Its A Sharpie Liquid Pencil

2010-09-01 16:37:09

Published on 2010-09-01 16:37:09

Pen firm Sharpie is set to release a sophisticated new liquid pencil. It writes as smoothly as a pen but erases just like a pencil!

According to, Sharpie's Liquid Pencil combines advanced writing technologies to produce an impressive tool that is part pencil, part pen and part permanent marker.

The pencil uses liquid graphite to enable it to write just like a traditional pen, maintaining the fluidity associated with a standard quill.

Users can 'rub out' what they have written – like an ordinary pencil – but they'll only have 24 hours in which to do this. After that, their writing becomes permanent.

Tech blog Engadget said: "It's better than any erasable pen we've ever used, and it definitely writes like a decent clicky-pen, so we can't fault it too much."

Sharpie's Liquid Pencil will go on sale in September.

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Posted by Johnny McMaster

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