Unusual uses for Sharpie pens

2010-11-19 09:46:21

Published on 2010-11-19 09:46:21

Sharpie pens have many uses, including some rather usual ones, it has been claimed.

A recent article from the Canadian Press highlighted that Sharpie pens have proved popular for years, with at least half a billion products being sold across the globe last year.

And it seems not all of these were used for drawing or writing.

According to the news provider, one mum used the pens to mark the feet of her newborn twins so she could tell them apart.
It also cited the example of one teen who used coloured pens to decorate her plain white prom dress, while several people have jazzed up their cars using the pens.

The news provider suggested that people could take inspiration from this and use their Sharpies to transform old, plain household items.

"Reclaim an old lazy Susan with a base coat from a paint Sharpie and a design with finer points, followed by a light spritz of sealer for protection. Or buy an inexpensive white lampshade and create a design," it stated.

Sharpie first started selling ink and glue back in 1857 and the famous marker was launched in 1964.

Posted by Barry Ashmore

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