Handwriting Could Separate The Wheat From The Chaff

2012-11-02 09:46:17

Published on 2012-11-02 09:46:17

Handwriting might be a neglected art for some people thanks to the ever-growing popularity of the desktop PC, smartphones and tablets, however it could play an important role in securing a job.

Emma Bache, graphologist and personality assessor, told the BBC that she can tell a lot about people from the way that they swirl and curl their letters when using a pen.

"On a human resources basis they'll probably want someone who can fit in with the other people that they're going to be sharing an office with. They'll want someone who is honest, reliable... but they might be looking for specific skills too, such as numeracy or literacy," she told the BBC.

Ms Bache went on to explain that the main personality traits do not change depending on mood while writing, as these tend to form at around the age of five or six.

She went on to describe the reporter as sensitive, emotional and ordered based on his handwriting. Ms Bache added that on a superficial level her subject came across as relaxed, but his scribing hinted at a very analytical person.

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Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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