New Dell Ink Cartridges Released

2009-03-30 17:37:39

Published on 2009-03-30 17:37:39

 New Range Of Compatible Dell Ink Cartridges Launched

Internet-ink are proud to be the first manufacturers to bring to the UK market a complete range of replacement ink cartridges for the Dell 7 Series , Dell 9 Series & Dell 11 Series.

These cartridges have a combination of recycled and brand new components within their construction. Our manufacturing process involves taking a used Dell original ink cartridge and removing the lid, sponge and internal filters, these parts are recycled seperately, but not used within a ink cartridge again. The emply cartridge shell is then steam cleaned and vacuum boiled to ensure this shell is perfectly clean.
Then we use a vacuum oven to dry the empty shell, so we have a perfectly clean and dry shell to start rebuilding.

Firstly a new head filter is welded into the heads firing chamber.

When dry a new sponge is inserted into the cartridge shell.

The cartridge then has a new lid welded onto the top of the cartridge.

Now the cartridge is inserted into our vacuum chamber refilling machine, this fills the cartridge with the correct measure of ink under a vacuum so air is sucked out of the cartridge at the same rate as ink is inserted.

Now the cartridge is primed with a quick pressure draw on the printhead that pulls the ink through the cartridge firing chamber.

Then a real live print test in a real Dell printer.

Then the cartridge has a protective clip, labeling and packing applied. ( Please note - we try to minimise packing. )

Ready for sale, more ink but less expense. Welcome to the Ink-Factory -

We intend to launch Dell Series 10 & Dell Series 15 during April 2009.

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