Want To Be Smarter In The Office

2009-05-21 08:06:56

Published on 2009-05-21 08:06:56

Those who are looking to adapt their working practices to a smaller budget have been advised to travel "smarter".

Work Wise UK and the AA conducted research which found that commuting by car can cost some £10 billion on fuel annually - a figure that could be reduced if people opt for bikes, walking, or they work from home.

Adopting methods such as using public transport more frequently or vehicle sharing with a friend or colleague can also help to cut costs.

These changes can be beneficial to the environment as well, Work Wise UK added.

"In transport terms, home working cuts out the commute, reducing congestion and carbon emissions," remarked AA president Edmund King.

There are other ways that companies and people spending a day working remotely can save cash and carbon emissions.

Recycling ink cartridges, mobile phones, paper and plastic reduces the burden on landfill sites and - for the first two in the list - make sure they are disposed of without damaging the environment.

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