Printer Ink And Cartridges Could Mean A More Relaxing Holiday

2009-05-22 14:43:59

Published on 2009-05-22 14:43:59

Making sure your home computer is fully equipped with the correct printer ink and cartridges could lead to a more relaxing holiday, it has been claimed.

According to Lexmark, which recently conducted research on the habits of UK employees, a third of people take a smartphone or laptop with them when they go away for a break.

Another third said they frequently undertake work out of hours at home and a quarter try to do some in the evening.

The manufacturer said this shows members of staff are unable to switch off and feel the need to stay in regular contact with colleagues while on holiday.

However, Lexmark UK's marketing director Paul Callow added that suitable facilities at home can help people to let go of work a bit more.

"Computers and printers will mean you can complete last-minute tasks and check-up on emails before you go on holiday, so you'll leave for your break feeling on top of everything," he explained.

Users of Lexmark ink cartridges may find recycling them after use can be a good method of environmentally-friendly disposal.

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