Printer Manufacturer Reveals Cost-Cutting Goal

2009-05-22 08:04:22

Published on 2009-05-22 08:04:22

Paul Preo, vice president of distributed print solutions for InfoPrint, has claimed the company strives to help businesses spend less on their printing needs.

As the company announced a new range of printers, its spokesperson said the models will provide a range of organisations with a customisable offering to suit their needs.

"Our ongoing goal is to enable our customers to simplify their daily work lives," while at the same time reducing their outlay on printing.

Commenting on the five new printers, Mr Preo said they bring "high versatility, reliable security, improved performance and above-par sustainability features at a price point that is competitive in today’s economy".

InfoPrint appeared at the Technology for Marketing and Advertising Show in the UK between February 24th and 25th, which took place at Earls Court, London.

The new devices that have been launched by the company the InfoPrint Color 1834, InfoPrint Color 1854, InfoPrint Color 1846 MFP, InfoPrint Color 1856 MFP and InfoPrint Color 1866 MFP

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