Buy Good Quality Printers Expert Suggests

2009-05-27 07:58:36

Published on 2009-05-27 07:58:36

A recycling expert has suggested people should be encouraged to buy a better class of electrical product to ensure it lasts longer, thus making it more environmentally-friendly.

Caroline Laitner, senior consultant at not-for-profit charity Waste Watch, believes tougher electronic devices – such as printers for example – that offer longevity could be an answer to being greener in the office and at home.

"If you are buying things that are more robust and designed to last or be fixed, there would be less waste in the first place," she said.

Meanwhile, Tony Juniper, former Friends of the Earth director and independent sustainability advisor, recently responded to analysis from Dell that revealed Brits were less inclined to recycle their electronic devices.

He said the issue of e-waste has "serious implications" – and original equipment manufacturers and governments in every country should make the disposal of electronic pieces as "accessible and as commonplace as recycling old paper, plastics and glass".

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