HP Deskjet D2660 Is A Recycled Printer

2009-05-29 07:46:00

Published on 2009-05-29 07:46:00

It has been revealed HP's Deskjet D2660 is the first inkjet printer released by the manufacturer that is created from 50 per cent recycled materials.

According to the website Printer Ink Cartridges, the cartridges can be gotten at through a pull-down panel and these also contain at least 50 per cent used plastic.

The site's blog said: "While the printer itself is made up of 50 per cent recycled materials, its packaging went all the way and is exclusively manufactured using recycled materials.

It adds that the price is "rather affordable as well" and although it is decked out all in black, the device's manufacturing process ensures that it is green all over.

The manufacturer said users of the printer can be mindful of the environment because it requires 40 per cent less power than its predecessor.

Eco-conscious consumers can also print three times more pages in black ink and two times more in colour by using high-capacity HP cartridges in the device.

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