Evolis Unveils New Tattoo RW Printer

2009-06-06 20:24:58

Published on 2009-06-06 20:24:58

A new monochrome printer capable of producing up to 500 identical copies onto the same plastic card has been released by Evolis.

The Tattoo RW has the ability to print to rewritable cards with thermochrimic material, allowing them to be updated or copied over multiple times.

It is ideal for creating badges that require regular information updates and will be used to create things like transport passes, library and student cards, the firm said.

The printer comes with a compact design to help it fit into an office, reception or retail environment.

It comes with automatic and manual card-feeding options and can hold up to 100 units dust-free.

Two types of PVC cards are available with the printer - displaying information in either blue or black.

Evolis carries a range of units for creating cards, including the Tattoo, Pebble and Quantum.

The firm claims its products are easy to use, fast, flexible, secure and come with good image quality.

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