Printer Ink Money Saving Tips Given

2009-06-06 20:09:57

Published on 2009-06-06 20:09:57

Printer ink can be used wisely to help save money, it has been claimed.

Next, it was advised that printing should never be halted while a document is still coming out of the machine.

This is because stopping abruptly can make the nozzle dry up or ink leak from the cartridge.

Getting the most from a cartridge can be done by taking it out of the printer and shaking it gently from side to side, the blog said.

"This procedure can allow you to print a few more pages before your ink totally runs out," it added.

Meanwhile, it was also suggested recently that buying ink cartridges in bulk can help to reduce costs.

PrintCountry explained that people should take advantage of discounts if they can.

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