Expert Advises On Optimising Printer Ink Results

2009-06-16 08:07:17

Published on 2009-06-16 08:07:17

Advice has been offered on how to optimise the quality that printer ink cartridges can deliver.

In an article for Earth Times, it is suggested some people - particularly photographers - are often unhappy with the quality of the images their inkjet printer provides.

However, speaking to Constanze Clua of the German Photo Industry Association, it is suggested that paper type has a big role to play in attaining the desired result.

Ms Clua explained the synergy between paper and printer ink is an important part of the process and the two things must harmonise to get the best effect.

"High-gloss paper offers more lustre than matte paper," she added. "Paper recommended by the printer manufacturer is always a good bet. But paper products from other manufacturers are not necessarily bad."

Last week, the Printer Ink Cartridges News & Blog offered tips on selecting the best type of paper for your desktop model as well as how to load it correctly.

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