Epson R1900 Ink-Jet Printer Tested

2009-06-19 07:40:42

Published on 2009-06-19 07:40:42

The Epson R1900 ink-jet device has been put to the test in a new review for Australian newspaper the Age.

According to Terry Lane, the unit has a number of innovative printer ink options that give it the edge over many of its rivals, including improved functionality for skin tone reproduction.

Utilising eight ink cartridges, the A3+ model has space for two black compartments as well as facilities for photo and matt finishes - and the end result appears to have impressed the reviewer.

"Print quality is stunning," Ms Lane states. "Easily the best pigment-ink prints that we have seen. Detail is virtually indistinguishable from a good dye-ink printer. Glossy prints are rich with only the slightest hint of bronzing."

Other features include UltraChrome Hi-Gloss2 formulation, print life of up to 200 years and the option to run off label discs, roll paper and specialist paper.

According to, the Epson R1900 is "a good all round printer".

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