Expert Advises Clean Your Cartridges

2009-06-23 07:58:14

Published on 2009-06-23 07:58:14

A little care and attention when it comes to ink cartridges will help keep a printer running more effectively for longer, it has been advised.

In a post for the If It Prints, I'll Let You Know blog, some hints and tips have been offered that aim to help consumers get the most out of their machine.

Although it is noted every model is different, it is explained maintaining the heads and ink cartridges of the unit could extend the lifespan of the device and help avoid a costly visit from a technician.

"The rule is to clean the printer every time you change cartridges. Wipe with damp cloth and use a soft brush to remove dirt and lint," it explained. "Do not use alcohol or solvents to clean your printer - [a] damp cloth will be enough."

In addition, the site says this may even mean missing lines, colour streaks and other problems can be prevented.

Last week the site offered advice on how to reduce paper use in the modern office.

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