Expert Advises On Ink Saving Printers

2009-06-23 07:45:52

Published on 2009-06-23 07:45:52

Printer ink can sometimes be an expense that is unnecessarily high and consumers should ensure the model they buy in the first place is right, one expert notes.

According to Gregg Ellman of the Miami Herald, a number of Kodak devices are currently available which aim to reduce this problem - as they feature ink cartridges that are "considerably cheaper" than many of their rivals.

The printers were backed by a marketing drive highlighting this and since then, the writer states the battle has heated up - with Hewlett Packard (HP) in particular keen to prove their competitors wrong.

"[HP] contacted me about this ad campaign and offered to send me both a Kodak printer and comparable HP unit. Also offered was a good amount of ink and paper," Mr Ellman says.

Following tests, the article concludes that for quality, the HP device came out on top, but it was noted that when it comes to speed, price and resolution, the decision must ultimately come down to the individual.

HP's desktop range includes the D7200 and D5400 Photosmart options.

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