HP Desktop Printers Provide A Cheap Option For Students

2009-06-23 07:33:34

Published on 2009-06-23 07:33:34

HP has launched two desktop models which could be ideal for students and children going back to school after the summer break, it has been advised.

Printer ink shoppers were told this week by the Philippine Star website that the Deskjet F735 and Deskjet D730 were priced right and had enough quality to deal with all kinds of projects and assignments.

The high-capacity ink cartridges of the units were also singled out for praise for providing even further savings - as they do not need to be as frequently replaced as on other models.

It went on to note the HP Deskjet F735 All-in-One printer, scanner and copier for being a "compact all-rounder" that "stretches the potential of students without stretching their budget".

On the other hand, the HP Deskjet D730 printer was highlighted as being equally as affordable, but is equipped with "innovative features that allow users to save time and effort with enhanced print speeds".

The former device is in the manufacturer's F Series of all-in-one models while the latter D Series offers standard printing facilities.

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