Font Design Need Only Cost You In Printer Ink

2009-06-25 08:42:23

Published on 2009-06-25 08:42:23

There are some easy ways to design your own font - and all they will cost you is the printer ink you use, it has been suggested.

In an article posted on the Christian Science Monitor this week, Chris Gaylord says there are a host of online options that can help people come up with a writing style that suits their personality.

He adds that in the past, creating something like this may have been pricey, but a number of services "for starting your own amateur font foundry" now mean it is cheap - and quite often free.

Fontifier is one such portal which offers starting templates and downloads, as is YourFonts - which is also praised for allowing the user to type out notes that appear as if handwritten.

Two other sites to check out include Fontstruct and Fontlab, although it is noted that all of these require different levels of skill and some can be more expensive to use than others.

Fontifier also allows the user to preview their design before paying the download fee, which could also lead to printer ink savings if they are not initially happy with the results.

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