Canon Pixma MX330 Keeps Printer Ink Costs Low

2009-06-29 07:23:24

Published on 2009-06-29 07:23:24

The Canon Pixma MX330 aims to suit those on a budget by way of the number of ink cartridges it uses, a new article notes.

In a review for the model posted this week on the Cnet gadget news website, it is explained that the company has equipped the device with just two such tanks in a bid to "keep costs low".

The MX330 is also praised for its "streamlined" design - which may suit those who are operating in a small or crowded office environment - and the matte black and battleship gray finish gives the product a "very sleek" look.

In addition, the 1.8-inch LCD screen is an added bonus that the piece suggests could have been missing on other devices of a similar price and an auto-document feeder is another welcome inclusion.

However, the site adds: "If you plan to use your printer for more snapshot photo prints or graphical documents, a printer with separate ink cartridge bays will prove more economical."

Register Hardware states the Canon Pixma MX330 succeeds in delivering "good quality prints and useful extras".

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