Printer Ink Technology Retains High Speed Quality

2009-06-29 07:47:46

Published on 2009-06-29 07:47:46

A new ink cartridge technology has been discussed that aims to reduce the problem of bubbling in high-speed printing.

Membrana, a company which specialises in the procedure, explained a number of manufacturers now incorporate membrane degassing systems into their products.

It was noted this means less chance of poor quality prints, but the same level of speed and reliability.

"Entrained bubbles and excess gasses are often the cause of printing surface defects and ink flow interruptions that can cause the printer to shut down," the firm added.

In addition, it drew attention to its own SuperPhobic Membrane Contactors technology which is used in the manufacture of solutions for wide-format models.

This system degases ink before it is packaged or bottled as a means to stop foaming, which Membrana concluded "can slow packaging speeds and negatively impact filling volumes".

As an independent global membrane producer, the firm provides a range of solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as those in the food and beverage and environment technology sector.

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