Advice Issued For Saving Printer Ink Costs

2009-07-01 08:04:38

Published on 2009-07-01 08:04:38

Small businesses and home users can cut down on the amount of printer ink they need by making use of management solutions that afford them greater control over their output.

That is one of the suggestions put forward by HP, which said that its own Output Management Solution could help reduce the amount of pages printed by 70 per cent, according to

The website reported that the printing specialist also suggests organisations and individuals should choose energy-efficient printers to reduce their electricity bills and choose a device that can produce duplex (double-sided) prints to reduce paper usage.

Meanwhile, HP also advises that printers with the ability to digitise documents can save businesses as much as 20-30 per cent of costs associated with waste and storage.

Earlier this month, an expert on the If It Prints, I'll Let You Know blog indicated that looking after a printer and performing regular maintenance on the heads and ink cartridges of devices can extend its life.

The site said that cleaning a printer every time the ink cartridge is changed can help it to avoid developing problems that require extensive repairs.

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