Lexmark Model May Encourage Cartridge Recycling

2009-07-01 07:55:19

Published on 2009-07-01 07:55:19

A new printer from Lexmark that claims to be aimed at professional users has been put to the test in a new review.

In an article for Computer Active, Simon Williams looks at the manufacturer's X4975VE multifunction printer and scanner and notes that although it can be costly in black printer ink, its colour cost is much more reasonable.

The design of the unit is praised as looking "clean and functional" and the near-horizontal document feeder makes scanning items easier when using the Optical Character Recognition function.

Mr Williams goes on to say the speed of the device is slightly disappointing, but those who go through a lot of coloured printer ink may welcome the pricing of the cartridges.

"While the colour cost is reasonable for this class of machine, the black print cost is too high, as is the asking price for the device," he concludes.

However, one way consumers can cut the amount they spend on ink cartridges is to consider recycling their used ones.

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