Scanner Printer And Toner Cartridge Replaces Need For Photocopiers

2009-07-03 13:58:51

Published on 2009-07-03 13:58:51

Small businesses attempting to find affordable equipment for their home offices could benefit from buying a scanner, a printer and some toner cartridges instead of investing in a photocopier.

That is according to, which suggested that a computer hooked up to a laser printer with an accompanying scanner can do the job of a specialised copier.

The website explained that workers need only scan the original document into the computer then output it to the printer to make as many copies as they need.

"Most scanners come with software to do just that. Is the quality as good as you'd see in an office environment? No - but for most purposes, it doesn't need to be," it said. also recommended that people consider picking up printers that aren't brand-new. Services that refurbish and sell-on redundant printers discarded by large businesses can easily be found, it noted.

Independent businesses could also find that they save money by recycling their ink cartridges.

Recently, Computer Active reported that the Lexmark X4975VE printer is reasonably priced in terms of colour ink but is more pricey for black cartridges.

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