Photographers needs to choose dye or pigmentation ink

2009-07-14 15:45:45

Published on 2009-07-14 15:45:45

For those people printing high-quality photographs, there is more to consider in the world of printer ink than just toner cartridge or ink cartridge.

In fact, according to Australian technology blog, a key factor to think about is whether to use dye or pigmentation ink.

It explained that most cheap printers use dye ink because it is less expensive and offers a higher range of colours.

However, pigmentation ink has a much longer lifespan, is less likely to bleed and will see very little fading even after years.

The website also weighed up the pros and cons of multi-colour ink cartridges, which usually come in cheaper devices but need to be entirely replaced once one colour has run out.

On the other hand, more "upmarket" printers have separate ink cartridges for each colour, which is more efficient for printing and results in less wastage, but also costs more at the initial buying stage.

Last month, print expert Ben Blanchard wrote on that people can save money on their printer expenditure by avoiding colour prints wherever possible.

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