Lexmark Announces Web Connected AIO Ink Cartridge Printers

2009-07-15 07:23:19

Published on 2009-07-15 07:23:19

Lexmark has become the second major printer specialist to announce a new line of web-connected ink cartridge devices this week.

Following on from HP, the device manufacturer has launched a new range of touchscreen multifunction printers that will be marketed towards small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

In total, eight new AIO inkjet printers have been launched, three of which are able to interface directly with the web and can be controlled via a 4.3ins touchscreen.

Due to launch in the US later this year, the touch-based AIOs will carry prices ranging from $199 (£122) to $399 (£245).

Paul Rooke, executive vice-president of Lexmark, said: "This new line of AIOs enables SMBs to be more efficient and save money in today's economic environment.

"We've created our printers' robust new design, innovative features and breakthrough technologies with their needs in mind."

In May, Lexmark launched its latest toner cartridge-based monochrome laser multifunctional printer, the X204n.

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