Businesses And Vendors Advised To Get More Printer Ink Efficient

2009-07-17 07:57:37

Published on 2009-07-17 07:57:37

Vendors and users need to work together more closely to increase the efficiency of their ink cartridges and reduce office wastage, it has been claimed.

With businesses currently estimated to be spending around one fifth of their entire IT budgets on printing, many firms are now keen to push forward money-saving schemes, such as encouraging their employees to share printers or use ink sparingly.

At the same time, however, it is hardly in the best interests of printer manufacturers and vendors for consumers to stop buying their products and, as such US-based technology expert Peter Green has argued on the website eWeekEurope that the two parties need to start moving towards a compromise solution.

For now, however, businesses need to take the initiative and address printing issues themselves, with best-practice solutions likely to generate significant savings almost immediately.

"Before a person might have wanted a printer on their desk," Mr Green quoted Graham Long of Samsung as saying.

"Now you look at the office, and say this whole group needs one multi-function printer, and three black-and-white single function devices."

These comments come soon after the launch of the budget Samsung ML-1640 printer, which offers efficient toner cartridge consumption levels through its mono laser functions.

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